Nutritonista Jaclyn


As a nutritionist, I want to empower you to live a healthy life through food, movement, and a strong body-mind connection. Since 80 per cent of the immune system lies within the gut, nourishment and proper digestion are fundamental factors in putting a stop to disease and improving the body from the inside out. My main focus is to help you achieve your long-term goals, whether they be weight-loss, digestive health or warn off diseases. My areas of specialty include, but are not limited to: inflammation, auto-immune disease, digestive health, hormonal health, blood sugar management, pre and post natal nutrition, food intolerances and weight management.




My name is Jaclyn Casiero and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, as well as a Certified Group Exercise Instructor within the fitness industry. 


Wellness is my world.


I’m a former professional graphic designer, a spiritual seeker, a Virgo, and an herbal tea-lover. I take sleeping incredibly seriously – that, and deep breathing. There’s nothing that grounds me more than being in the present moment lying, under a giant oak tree enjoying the sunshine as it peeks through over me.


When I’m not grounding myself in nature, I love spending time in the kitchen, prepping healthy meals for my family. As a wife to my wonderful husband and mama to two incredible boys, I take great joy in imparting my passion for whole, natural foods. Whether I’m whipping up a green shake for my kids to be strong like the Hulk, or converting older favourite recipes into healthier alternatives, I love creating a foundation for them to live lives rooted in wellness, nourishment, and spirituality.


My Story


Do you trust your intuition?   Choosing to listen to my inner voice has taken me on many adventures. The most illuminating being my education, and designation as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition.  That and my journey of weight loss and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You see as a child, and into my thirties, I was always concerned about my physical appearance. I was an active child involved in sports, and I played outside with my friends until early dawn.  As I became a teenager, I started to develop bad eating habits.  Often resorting to fast food, and unhealthy snacks, especially candy – imagine that!  Throughout my twenties, I traveled with my friends, drank alcohol likely more than water, but truly enjoyed my journey for life.   The funny thing is I was not overweight.   I just had horrible eating and lifestyle habits.  By the time I turned thirty-one years old I realized I needed to get a hold of my diet, and lifestyle.  First, because I was having a hard time conceiving for a family for almost two years. Second and most important, I realized I wasn’t happy with the way I felt or looked.  Very quickly I started seeing a Nutritionist help address some of my main health concerns. I switched up my eating habits, started meditating, lost 17 pounds, and never looked and felt better.  Within a short time I became pregnant.   Amazing right?! 


There were a few things I took from this experience, not only did change the food that I ate and changing my lifestyle holistically.  I also realized I had it wrong my entire life – weight loss isn’t just about having a physically appealing body. It’s about nourishing your body inside and out with the proper foods and mindfulness.   We are all biomechanically built different, but beneath the physical appearance, you must look deeper and find happiness within.   Not long after my son was born I realized I had a deep passion for both nutrition and wellness.   I was led by my intuition to join CSNN to pursue my journey as a Holistic Nutritionist, and so my journey began. 


While I’ve always done my best to live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, studying Holistic Nutrition opened my eyes to the ways the healthcare field, and the food industry are so drastically affecting the overall well-being of humans. With so many new so-called health foods hitting store shelves every day, it’s more important than ever to get science-backed advice from someone you trust.


Living a healthy life shouldn’t be stressful or overwhelming. Health isn’t just about eating your vegetables – ultimately, your mind and your body are one, and only by taking care of both of these aspects of yourself can you truly begin to build the foundation of health. When you work with a Holistic Nutritionist, you take the stress and guess-work out of a healthy lifestyle. You’ll not only receive a one-on-one customized plan to fit your health needs, but you’ll also be making the best investment of your life – literally.  You’ll no longer need to spend your spare time worrying about which foods you should eat, or worse, feeling guilty that your lifestyle isn’t as healthy as it could be. With my help, you can take that energy and pour it into truly enjoying your life – sleeping soundly, breathing deeply, and eating nourishing foods that truly sustain you.


Changing your habits isn’t easy, but with the right support and the inner desire to feel truly well, you can transform your health from the inside out.


Whether you’re looking to book an appointment, arrange a workshop or cooking class, or just want to drop me a line to say hello, I’m here for you.  Take the first steps towards a healthier and happy life…right now.


In health and happiness,