B U N   I N  T H E  O V E N

Pre & Post Pregnancy Care




You’ve spent most of your time trying “not” to get pregnant.  You’re desperately looking for the chance to start your own family, and you suffer from infertility.  The constant “wonder” and endless doubt if you’ll ever be able to conceive and become parents. Are you emotionally exhausted from the rollercoaster ride of trying to get pregnant?  You’re not alone!  In reality, I’ve been through all these emotions, and the long ended progress of trying for a family.


Do you want to know how to physically get your body ready for pregnancy before you start growing a little person inside of you?  Believe it or not, nutrition and pregnancy combined is the one thing commonly overlooked.  It’s not about throwing your birth control pills away and getting started.  It’s about getting your body prepared to build a healthy baby inside you. Getting the right nutrition advice while you're trying to conceive is the best way to give your baby a head start in life.


My one-to-one consultation will provide you with healthy nutritional, fertility foods and lifestyle advice that will guide you on the path to pre and post pregnancy care.


  • 1 - 1 hour initial consultation including an in-depth intake lifestyle assessment

  • 1 –  ½ hour follow-up

    • 1 week meal plan customized around your healthy concerns, including sample recipes guided around preconception care.

    • Personalized nutrition plan to fit your needs, and address imbalances and underlying root causes and recommended lifestyle changes

  • 1 – ½ hour follow-up session to review the status and progress of eating habits and lifestyle changes

    • To tweak your plan is necessary and ensure your moving in the right direction towards pre-conception and pregnancy

    • Answer and concerns or questions

  • Packages are custom and personalized to fit your health plan

What you can expect?


  • Eat healthier and well-balanced for Pre-conception

  • Expect to feel healthier

  • Energy and balanced hormones

  • Restful and undisturbed sleep

  • Reduced stress

  • Engage in Mind, Body and Spirit balance physically and emotional

This program is simply to help you take charge of fertility and to prepare for pregnancy.  My goal is to provide you with the fundamentals to get your body physically and mentally ready to conceive a healthy growing baby.  My program will help you understand your body more and what you need in terms of nutrients for success.   We will touch on foods to avoid during this fragile stage, but most of all the foods which will help contribute to a healthy pregnancy and growing baby.  Ultimately, it’s my goal to see you stress-free, happy and achieve the end result of motherhood.

Bonus: Mindfulness and Lifestyle PurposeLearn how to find an overall mind, body and spirit connection, and incorporate energetic practices to balance emotional stress.  Learn to connect to you breathing consciously, and connect to the present moment.  Balance body systems and soothe the body from the inside-out.  Grab hold of lifestyle changes, and embrace the miraculous change of our soul.


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