G U I D E D   G R O C E R Y  T O U R

$120 for 1 hour


When you walk through the grocery store do you feel overwhelmed?  Do you question products? Do you question whether the product is good for you, or your family?  What does the label mean? Why is this product so cheap?


Learn the basics about where our food comes from or how it is produced.  Become educated on your favourite foods, and learn whether these foods are actually good for you.  Understand the difference of Organic versus Non Organic (conventional) foods – are they really better for us?

Find out more on the grand marketing scheme behind big box companies and how they draw you in.


Your 1 hour guided grocery tour will include:

  • Educated tour of what is good, and what is not good

  • Learn the labels

  • Get to know specific reputable brands

  • Find out more why wholefoods should be part of your grocery list

  • Questions & Answers


Within a 30 km radius distance – additional mileage changed outside this distance.
Additional $0.50 per km.


Contact me directly to book this program.