Fruits and Oatmeal Breakfast

P A N T R Y  R E V A M P

$100 for 1 hour


Revamping your kitchen pantry is the first step to living a cleaner, and healthier life.  We will go through your main pantry cabinet, and remove items that are unhealthy, expired and have low to no nutritional value.  You will then start to replace those items with specific staples that fit your nutritional needs including wholefoods with dense nutritional value.  Now, I understand this is something that isn’t going to happen overnight, it takes time, slowly, but surely you’ll continue to add new items back in.  Before you know if you’ll have a fully stocked pantry and you’ll be able to prepare some pretty awesome meals with all your new pantry items. 


Included in this service you will receive a list of foods which you can initiate back into your pantry slowly.


Contact me directly to book this program.