• Jaclyn Casiero

Signature Smoothie

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Take the guess work out of your morning regime and make this Signature Smoothie for you and your entire family. It's a staple in my house - make it yours too.

Most mornings I make veggie and fruit based smoothies to help kick start our morning. Let's just say it's a morning obsession. Smoothies are just easy and yet so #delish and will keep you full for a few hours, plus they are #kidfriendly - for the most part. I like to use spinach or kale as my leafy green base which contributes to the lovely green colour, I tell my kids that by drinking this smoothie it not only nourishes our bodies but it help us become strong like the Hulk. A mama's got to do what she needs to do!

Do you have a favorite smoothie?

I especially like smoothies if I'm feeling a little bloated in the morning and just need a light breakfast option or a mid-afternoon snack to tie me over before dinner. In general, I enjoy drinking smoothies because it s simple and super nutrient in just one glass.

Ingredients 1 cup frozen mango 1 cup fresh chopped pineapple 1 handful spinach or kale 1 scoop protein powder (I use Collagen Peptide protein powder) 1/2 cup unsweetened organic apple juice

1 cup of water (add more if needed) 1/2 cup cucumber

2 celery stalks

4-5 springs of parsley 1 tbsp spirulina

Directions Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Add water as needed until desired consistency is reached.

Serving 4 Smoothies